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Best Of December 10, 2013 posted by

My 4 Favourite Fujinon XF Lenses for the Interchangeable Fuji X Series

The camera may be the chassis that records your images, but it is the lens that collects, manipulates and directs the light towards the sensor. I believe Shakespeare might have said, “the lens maketh the camera” if he had been a photographer instead of a writer. Without a lens, you have no image, and with a lens of poor quality, you may find it a challenge to create the image you had envisioned.

If Fujifilm is known for one thing, it is the quality of its glass. Though still limited, a clear roadmap shows that by 2014, Fujifilm will have an array of twelve excellent lenses to choose from, as well as three welcome additions from Zeiss.

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My 4 Favourite Fujinon XF Lenses for the Interchangeable Fuji X Series