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Mirrorless Musings posted by

8 Great Websites about Mirrorless Cameras You Shouldn’t Miss

8 Great Websites about Mirrorless Cameras You Shouldn’t Miss

It only takes a few minutes of browsing the Web to discover popular websites such as Steve Huff Photo or the Phoblographer, but what about lesser-known sites that talk about mirrorless cameras? Don’t they need some time in the spotlight too? :-)

Since we started our blog back in January, we’ve come across some real gems, which is what spurred us to create this top 8 list and share it with you. If you too have come across a site you feel deserves recognition, or if you have a site where you review mirrorless cameras, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section!

1. Thomas Menk: Fine Art Photography

On Thomas’ website, not only will you find a collection of his wonderful personal photographic work, but you’ll also encounter a treasure trove of articles he has collected about the Fuji X Series. In fact, I would call it the most comprehensive collection of Fuji-related articles on the Web. Thomas is extremely selective about which articles he chooses to post, so you know every visit to his site is worth your time and attention. It is updated on a daily basis.

2. M43Blog

Like Thomas Menk, M43Blog is a website that curates content from around the Web but with a focus on Micro Four Thirds. Updated daily, you will find a variety of links to articles about Olympus and Panasonic, and other top brands as well. I enjoy how the author always adds a commentary about every article he curates–it is a sign that he reads every article thoroughly before sharing!

3. Camera Labs

Camera Labs, run by Gordon Laing, is an extremely comprehensive website that covers all sorts of cameras and gear, not only mirrorless. Gordon’s most recent reviews have mostly dealt with mirrorless cameras, and he himself uses the OM-D E-M5. The reviews are quite technical at times but he always makes a point of including a nice gallery of sample images for each camera as well.

4. RiflessiFotografici

Donato and Max over at RiflessiFotografici are well-known in Italy amongst photographers who use the Fuji X system. They are official Fuji X Photographers, but often write reviews of other systems including the Nikon 1 System and Sony Cybershot. Just this year, they began translating all their most important review into English to reach a wider audience.

5. Small Camera, Big Picture

Though the primary focus of Small Camera, Big Picture is hybrid photography, you will often find interesting and helpful mirrorless camera reviews written by the team of expert staff that runs this website. Editor in Chief, Giulio Sciorio, is an official Lumix photographer, whereas Paula Thomas, Tammy Lee Bradley and Jamie MacDonald are true Olympus aficionados. The passion they have for the subject is more than evident in the photos they take and how they write!

6. Admiring Light

Author Jordan Steele has shot with many cameras in his lifetime, but he now shoots primarily with the OM-D E-M5, Fuji X-E1 and Panasonic GX1. He uses his vast knowledge about cameras to produce interesting and original mirrorless camera reviews. Often, he will notice things that will even escape the attention of the guys at DPreview!

7. PhotoMadd

Photography enthusiast Matthew E. Maddock is the brains behind PhotoMadd, a review site that deals specifically with Fuji X Series cameras. He reviews anything from cameras to accessories to bags to lenses. I enjoy his congenial style of writing–you can really tell that he is passionate about the brand and the art of photography in general.

8. LaRoque Photo

Despite being an official Fuji X Photographer, Patrick LaRoque doesn’t mince words in his reviews about the X Series. You will know exactly when he loves or hates a product, which is honestly all we could ask for from a personal review. (And kudos to Fuji for not squirming over his frankness!)

User Suggestions (as we were bound to miss some!):

Mu-43.com: A wonderful forum where Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3s users share their experiences and photos.

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About the Author Heather

Heather Broster was born in Canada, has lived in Japan and the UK but currently calls Italy home. While her official job titles are nursery school teacher and freelance writer, photography has always been her part-time passion. She works with her fiance Mathieu Gasquet on this website. You can follow us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!


  • People mostly know me from the Nikon forum I started in 2006, namely Nikongear.com, but last year I started up a new site that is all about the mirrorless camera world. It’s similar to NG, but instead of being largely forum driven I am now also doing a lot of writing and reviews about the mirrorless stuff I use (m43).

    Come and check it out: http://www.fotozones.com


    • Thanks for introducing us to your site, Dallas. I scooped and shared your article about the E-M1. We’re hoping to get ours soon. :)

  • Hi Heather!

    Thanks for the link to the blog, and the compilation of awesome sites. Always great to find new info!



    • You’re very welcome. Love the site!

  • Well done. Very nice idea.

  • Thanks for the share! Very Great sites

    • You’re welcome! You’ll love every one of them. ;-)

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